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MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment- Ethyl Chloride
MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment

Ethyl Chloride Center
Specializing in the distribution of
Ethyl Chloride to the global marketplace.

Quality calibration gas standards in disposable gas cylinders from  Order on-line or over the phone.

Eliminate out-gassing and inboard diffusion with specialty gas regulators from MESA.

Ethyl Chloride
MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment is a global supplier of ethyl chloride, specialty gases and chemicals used in a wide variety of applications across various industries.  Additional products include instrument grade pure gas, calibration gas and specialty gas equipment.

It is the business of MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment to market and provide quality specialty gases, calibration gases, specialty gas equipment and specialty chemicals delivered direct, and/or through our worldwide distribution partners.

Physical and chemical properties of Ethyl Chloride

Name: Ethyl Chloride
Description:  Colorless Gas
Molecular formula:  C2H5Cl
Molecular Weight:  64.52
Density: 0.9214 g/cm3
Boiling Point: 12.3 C
Melting Point: -138.7 C
Vapor Density: 2.22
Flash Point: -50 C
Vapor Pressure: 1000 mm Hg @ 20 C
Water Solubility: 5710 mg/L at 20 C
Conversion Factor: 1 ppm = 2.64 mg/m3
DOT: UN1037 Flammable Gas (2.1)
CAS Registry Number: 75-00-3

Common names:

Ethyl Chloride, Chloroethane, monochlorethane, chloroethyl, aethylis chloridum, ethrt chloratus, ether chloratus, ether hydrochloric, ether muriatic, Kelene, Chelen, Anodynon, Chloryl Anesthetic, Narcolite

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